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How To Get Rid Of Your House Junk

Every household is struggling with clutter and junk. It piles up quicker than we realize, and we find ourselves always overwhelmed because of it. But what if you had an easy way to declutter your home and rid yourself of stuff you no longer use? In this article, we would like to tell you a few easy ways to eliminate your junk and have a clear and organized space in your house.

Clothes you haven’t worn

junk declutter
organizing wardrobe by type of clothing

Our closets may store many items we haven’t worn in ages. Going through your clothes and sorting out what isn’t worn anymore will create a lot of space and allow you to keep your wardrobe organized. An easy way to tackle your closet is to sort by type of clothing. Separate the clothes that no longer fit or are too worn and clothes that you want to get rid of. You can easily dispose of these through junk removal services, leaving you with less useless clutter and more room! 

Unused kitchen appliances or tools

junk declutter
kitchen appliance declutter

The best way to organize kitchen drawers and cabinets is to empty them onto a clear, flat surface. Start by putting aside items you no longer want. Once you have cleaned the drawers, improve the kitchen storage ideas within them to ensure clutter can’t get out of hand again. If you have large appliances that you rarely use or are difficult to assemble, find their space on the top shelf while putting things that you use more frequently in places that are easy to reach and convenient to use. Sort and store together forks, knives, spoons, and other silverware. Plates and bowls can be stacked. Also, organize cups, glasses, and mugs jointly. Try to limit yourself to only what you need. Remove things that you have never used or that you have too many of.


junk declutter
decluttering duplicate items

An easy way to get rid of clutter is to get rid of any items you have duplicates of. While it may be necessary to have copies of some items that you use and replace very often or items in a set, sometimes we simply have too many of something. Getting rid of unused duplicates would leave more room for other, more valuable items. With more space, your cabinets and storage spaces will breathe a sigh of relief at finally being decluttered and organized. Therefore, the open space will both look and feel refreshing. You can easily sort out the unnecessary duplicate items by going through the closets, cabinets, drawers, desks, and other storage spaces. Evaluate what you absolutely need and what you can part with, and set aside the items you want to eliminate. These items can easily be whisked away by Orange Crew, our junk removal service! 


junk declutter
book sorting and organizing

Lots of people have books and lots of other items cluttered in their offices and on their desks. If you are not an avid collector or reader or are simply trying to organize your library and get rid of a few unnecessary volumes, organizing one’s bookshelf or desk and office area is a great way to declutter the work area. With a cleaner work area and a more organized bookcase and desk, it can be easier to find important information. A clean and organized environment can promote productivity. You can organize the books alphabetically or by most frequently used. Try to limit the number of things on your desk or shelves so it is easy to find what is important. For those items you want to get rid of, Orange Crew Junk Removal is just a phone call away! 

Storage closet or garage

junk declutter
garage and storage closet junk removal

Many people have years worth of random junk stored in their closets and garage. A lot of times, we don’t want to get rid of something, but we also don’t know what to do with it or where to put it. So, we stick it in the closet or garage and forget about it. Eventually, these items pile up, and it becomes too much. Things that haven’t been used in years or have been forgotten in the back of the closet probably are things that you don’t need to use that often. In fact, they are things you don’t need to use at all. You can separate and remove them. While it is good to stock extra supplies, some things don’t add value. For things you know you won’t use or have been waiting to get rid of, now’s the time! Put these items that you have been procrastinating on getting rid of aside, and Orange Crew can remove them and help you get rid of your junk! 


As the seasons change, it is an excellent time to organize one’s home. You start putting things away in closets, wash the dirty, and store the good items for reuse or throw away the useless and the broken. It is the perfect time to organize your office, wardrobe, kitchen, cupboards, etc. Orange Crew will take all your junk and whisk it away, so you no longer have to worry about clutter. Call us now to rid yourself of unnecessary junk.