Junk and Waist Removal Pricing

  For best pricing on junk removal, call Orange Crew. You can rest assured that our prices are lower, and our service is better than any other competitor's in the Chicagoland area. We are a local junk removal company, our technicians are polite, licensed, and insured, and we are always eager to help our customers with their waste removal, relocation, or recycling needs.
  We try to make it easy for our customers to get pricing on hauling services or to schedule an appointment. All you need to do is call us (888) 308-7556 and talk to our trained staff or schedule a junk removal appointment online.

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At Orange Crew, we believe in the upfront, no-obligation pricing model.
That is why our junk removal estimates are 100% FREE.

Single Item Removal

  Moving or disposing of a heavy piece of furniture or an appliance could be a challenge. Especially if this piece is in the basement or some other hard to access place. And who would want to move a piano or a bathtub up or down the stair?
  But do not worry Orange Crew, - your local junk removal company, is here ready to help. We can assist you with moving heavy items from one room to another, take them to donation centers, or remove them from your house. About 70% of all the things we remove ends-up being donated or recycled, which is good for our neighborhoods and planet.

    * Please contact for pricing if your item is not listed below
    **If this piece is in the hard to access place or require disassembly - additional charge may be applied.

Furniture Removal

Pricing chat below applies to single items only. Scroll down for more pricing options.

  • Couch, loveseat or sofa $140
  • Chair or Recliner $100
  • Sectional (2 piece) $240
  • Sectional (3 piece) $280
  • Table or Dresser $100
  • Entertainment Center $120
  • Large Desk $140
  • Queen/King mattress $120, boxsping - $40 extra
  • Twin/Full mattress $100, boxsping - $40 extra
  • Boxspring Alone $120

Appliances and Electronics

We haul away and recycle all appliances and electronics.

  • Washer or Dryer $100
  • Washer and Dryer $170
  • BBQ Grill $100
  • Stove $120
  • Refrigerator (single door size) $120
  • Refrigerator (double door size) $180
  • TV (small or medium size) $100
  • TV (large size 65"+) or rear-projection TV $180
  • Computer, standard-size printer or fax machine $100


Other Items we remove:

  • Upright Piano $280
  • Grand piano $700
  • Exercise Equipment $120-$160
  • Hot tub (6 person) $460
  • Hot tub (10 person) $660
  • Pool Table $300
  • Granite Countertops - Price on site
  • Yard Machines $120-$160
  • Riding lawn mower $250+

Multiple Item Removal

   For multiple items or multi-load pick-ups, we prefer to do an on-site estimate. Our junk removal professionals will determine the final price on the day of service when we can visibly see your unwanted items. While most jobs fit into our standard pricing model below, some may require additional costs to remove. In such cases, our junk pros will factor in material type, recycling costs, service area, and labor accordingly. However, there is no obligation to use our hauling services if you are not completely satisfied with the price.


1/8 load $150
1/4 load $250
1/2 load $370
3/4 load $490
Full Load $600

The price table above doesn't apply to heavy material, such as dirt, roofing shingles, concrete, gravel, railroad ties, etc. For such items, we charge by the bed load.

Truck Size: 400 cubic feet

Orange Crew Junk Removal Truck

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