Junk Remowal,
How It Works?

How To Schedule Junk Removal and What To Expect?

   Are you a homeowner looking to clear out a large pile of junk after a big clean-out? Or maybe a business owner who has just had an office revamp and needs to get rid of unwanted office furniture? And what about those piles of yard debris that have been lying around for years? Whatever the case — Orange Crew Junk Removal can help!

We even made it easy to understand our junk-hauling process and schedule our crew to remove unwanted items. Please familiarize yourself with the steps we take to safely remove and recycle anything you want us to haul away.

Meet Our Friendly Junk Haulers

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9 Step Junk Removal Process

  • Identify the Junk
  • First, look around your space and identify the items taking up precious real estate. Anything from old appliances to furniture, we'll take it all! Or maybe you're looking to declutter your backyard? Good idea - we can help there too!

  • Reach Out to Us
  • Contact Orange Crew via phone, text message, or book junk removal online. Text us pictures of the items you want gone, for an instant quote.

  • Schedule a Crew
  • We'll work with you to find a date and time that works best for your schedule. Our crews will arrive on time, ready to do the work.

  • Show Us the Goods
  • When our crew arrives, show them what needs to go.

  • Get a Quote
  • Our quotes are instant. Our haulers will assess the scope of the project and provide you with a price quote. Approve the estimate, and we'll get started. Or decline it, and we'll be on our way. There is nothing to pay and no obligation to do any work if the quote is unacceptable.

  • We Haul it All
  • Our technicians will load everything up on our truck. Sit back and relax while we do all the heavy lifting. You don't have to lift a finger except to point at the items you want us to take.

  • Pay the Bill
  • When the job is done, it's time to pay the bill. We accept credit cards, cash, or check payments.

  • Enjoy Your Clean Space
  • Now it's time to enjoy the clean, uncluttered environment once all the junk is gone.

  • Recycling and Donating
  • We will sort through and recycle or donate all the items we collect, promoting and advocating for sustainable practices that decrease the environmental impact.

Easy Online Booking

Schedule junk removal service right from your phone or PC. Or text us pictures of your junk and receive an instant quote.

Honest Upfront Pricing

Junk removal prices can be found on our website HERE. Large junk removal projects will be quoted on site before starting the work.

Voted #1 Junk Removal Service

Our reviews speak for themselves. Google "junk removal near me" and read what your neighbors say.

Schedule Junk Removal

Can We Remove Your Unwanted Items?

Now that you know how to schedule an appointment to finally have all the junk hauled away and know what to expect when our crew arrives, it is time to look at what we can and cannot remove from your house or business.

Items we remove for residential customers.

Residential Junk Removal

  • Large and Heavy Items
  • Exercise Equipment
  • Appliances
  • Furniture
  • Mattresses
  • Electronics
  • Books and Clothing Items
  • Household Chemicals
  • Used Tires
  • ...and a lot more.
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Other Items We Take

Landscaping / Construction Debris, Commercial Waste Removal

  • Broken-up Tile & Construction Lumber
  • Concrete, Bricks & Landscaping Stone
  • Old Paint Cans
  • Soil and Sod
  • Railroad Ties
  • Tree Branches
  • Bagged Up Leaves
  • ...and more!
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What We Don't Take

Even though we can remove almost anything, some items are too heavy for two people to pick up and cannot be disassembled or broken up.
We also don't take:

  • Poisonous Chemicals
  • Industrial Acids
  • Explosive Items
  • Old Cars or Trailers
  • Gasoline
  • Firearms

Ready To Reclaim Your Space?

Reclaim your space, declutter your office, or clean up your yard with the help of the local junk removal pros. Reach out, and you'll be surprised how easy it is to work with us. From fast junk removal scheduling to simple pricing and friendly service, we guarantee you'll be satisfied with our junk removal service.

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