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Looking For A Reputable Construction Junk Removal Service?

Did you just finish a remodeling project and are now thinking about what to do with all the construction debris and leftovers lying around? Who to contact to remove all the lumber, broken-up tile, or cans of paint? How about junk removal experts at Orange Crew? This is how we can help you:

  • We bag up and remove broken bathroom tiles.
  • Clean up new construction areas.
  • Remove old construction lumber.
  • Clean up the house after remodeling.
  • Remove and haul away old carpeting.
  • We can remove and get rid of old insulation.
  • We also remove concrete slabs, old bricks, etc.

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Construction Debris Removal in Chicago

Orange Crew Junk Removal offers complete construction debris removal solutions for contractors, construction companies, and homeowners. We are experienced in removing any construction junk, from large piles of concrete or tile to construction lumber and old carpeting that could accumulate during renovation. Our friendly haulers are trained to remove hazardous materials such as old paint cans and dispose of them properly. And the best part is, you don't have to do anything yourself. We will do all the loading, hauling, and will disposal of dispose construction waste. Orange Crew will handle all your construction waste, no matter how small or large the project is. We are available seven days a week and offer same-day junk removal service, so you can get back to work quickly without worrying about clean-up delays.

Let Orange Crew Junk Removal handle the mess, so you don't have to!

Why Choose Orange Crew Construction Debris Removal?

Fast & Simple Scheduling

Book an appointment right from your phone or PC. Want to talk to a live person, great call or text us.

Clear & Upfront Pricing

We have junk removal pricing on our website HERE. For large projects, we provide quotes on-site.

Voted #1 Junk Removal Service

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Construction Debris Removal in Chicago

You bet! Orange Crew Junk Removal serves the entire Chicagoland area. Whenever you need our services, we are always near you and ready to help dispose of construction waste. We will sort, bag, load, and haul away debris and leftovers from your construction site, basement, attic, basement, or garage.

Concrete and Brick Removal

Old broken-up bricks, concrete slabs, landscaping stones - we can handle it all. No need to brake your back trying to move, load, and try to dispose of all that heavy debris. Our construction debris haulers will do all the heavy lifting and loading while you enjoy your clean backyard and save your back.

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old lumber removal

Construction Lumber Removal

We remove and recycle any construction lumber you may have left lying around your house after the construction or remodeling project. Did you know all this scrap lumber can be recycled into mulch and reused for landscaping projects? That's precisely what we do with old deck boards, plywood, and all other construction wood we remove.

Old Carpeting Removal

Orange Crew Junk Removal not only disposes of old padding and carpeting but can also help you rip up, cut into pieces and haul away all that old carpeting. Prepare your home or office for a new carpeting installation. We will make it fast and easy to have that old carpet gone and your floors ready for new carpeting.

dispose of the old carpeting
old tile removal services

Broken-Up Tile Removal

Almost every kitchen or bath remodeling project involves installing new tiles. However, piles of old broken-up tiles always precede new tile installation. Orange Crew can help keep your project running smoothly and save you time. We will do all the bagging, loading, and disposing of old tiles. Our junk removal pros will also clean up the space and prepare it for the new tile.

Old Paint Cans, Drywall Removal & more...

What other construction trash we remove? From old paint cans, drywall, insulation, and leftover construction supplies to packaging and everything else your contractor or builder left behind. We will bag, carry, load, and get rid of all the construction debris at the lowest cost in the area.

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House re-habs, new constructions, large and small remodeling projects generate tons of construction debris. All this trash quickly piles up in your garage, backyard, or even worse, on your driveway. Avoid citations and fines from your local authorities and stinky looks from your neighbors by contacting Orange Crew Construction Junk Removal Services. With our same or next-day junk removal, we will eliminate all your trash quickly and efficiently.

Construction Junk Removal You Can Trust

Construction Debris Removal Services

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Interior Remodeling Debris

  • Drywall Removal
  • Old Insulation Removal
  • Tile Removal
  • Old Carpet Removal
  • Paint Removal and Recycling
  • Construction Lumber Removal
  • Old Cabinet Removal
  • Bathtub Removal
  • Electrical Fixtures Removal
  • Old Flooring Removal

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Exterior Remodeling Debris

  • Asphalt Shingles
  • Gutters, Fascia, Soffit Removal
  • Old Siding Removal
  • Old Plywood, Wood Scraps
  • Concrete & Bricks
  • A/C Units, Furnaces
  • Water Heaters
  • Construction Debris
  • Landscaping Stone Removal
  • and more...

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Who Can Benefit

Countless industries generate construction debris and can use our services. We work with:

  • Builders
  • General Contractors
  • Window & Siding Contractors
  • Deck Repair Companies
  • Interior Design Companies
  • Demolition Companies
  • Re-Habers
  • Landscapers
  • and others...

We are a junk removal company near you!

No matter what your construction junk removal needs are, Orange Crew can help. Schedule your removal online, text us pictures of the pile, or call us, and we'll be there in no time to eliminate your construction debris problem.

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