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Yard Waste Removal in Chicago

Want to see all those piles of yard and landscaping junk gone? No problem, simply google - "yard waste removal near me," - and you'll find Orange Crew Junk Removal company. Reclaim your backyard - let us do the dirty work of yard waste removal in Chicago.
Yard debris we remove:

  • Soil and sod removal.
  • Firewood removal.
  • Paving stone and gravel removal.
  • Tree branch removal.
  • Baggs of leaves and grass clippings.
  • Old shed and fencing removal.
  • Mulch and other landscaping waste removal.

yard waste removal near me

Local Yard Waste Removal Specialists

Orange Crew Junk Removal company specializes in efficient and thorough yard waste removal services, catering to both residential and commercial clients. Our experienced teams swiftly remove all unwanted green waste, such as leaves(only bagged leaves), branches, bagged grass clippings, and shrubs, leaving your property clean and clutter-free. Moreover, we handle all types of landscape debris like rocks, soil, and even dismantled hardscape materials. Our professional crews ensure a smooth, hassle-free service, adhering to local regulations and disposal guidelines. Experience a transformed outdoor space with Orange Crew Junk Removal's comprehensive yard waste removal solutions. Contact us now for a free estimate!

Let Orange Crew Junk Removal handle the yard waste removal in Chicago, so you don't have to!

Why Choose Orange Crew Ladscaping Debris Removal?

Fast & Simple Scheduling

Book an appointment right from your phone or PC. Want to talk to a live person, great call or text us.

Clear & Upfront Pricing

We have junk removal pricing on our website HERE. For large projects, we provide quotes on-site.

Voted #1 in Yard Junk Removal

Our reviews speak for themselves. Google "junk removal near me" and read what your neighbors say.

Get Rid Of Those Ugly Piles Of Yard Debris!

No matter what landscaping project you are working on, we can help you remove all the debris and leftovers scattered around your backyard with yard waste pick up. Our friendly junk haulers have the experience and equipment to quickly and safely gather everything from tree branches and stumps to piles of dirt and grass clippings. We make sure that every inch of your property is cleaned up after the job is done, leaving it looking neat, organized, and ready for whatever project comes next.

Soil and Sod Removal

Why break your back or get dirty trying to move piles of dirt or sod? Let Orange Crew do the dirty work. We have the tools and muscle to remove dirt or sod, or both from your backyard. Our crews come equipped with rakes, shovels, wheelbarrows, and heavy machinery if needed. No soil and sod removal job is too big or too small for our pros.
Call us to schedule a FREE estimate or book appointment online for professional yard waste pick up.

Orange Crew Junk Removal will help you get rid of piles of soil, dirt, and sod
old firewood and tree branch removal services

Tree Branch & Firewood Removal

Old rotting firewood in your backyard is an eye sore and a fertile breeding ground for tree-killing grubs and insect larvae. Removing or burning all that rotten firewood is recommended unless you plan to use it in your fireplace or outdoor firepit. Although burning sounds like the easiest option, some local ordinances might prevent you from doing that. And this is where Orange Crew Junk Removal can help you. Our junk haulers will remove all the firewood, wood stumps, or tree branches from your property, clean up your backyard, and save your trees.

We Remove Stones, Pavers, Railroad Ties, etc.

Are you considering redesigning your backyard but don't know what to do with old landscaping stones, concrete pavers, railroad ties, or other heavy items? At Orange Crew, we understand how this can be challenging for homeowners to find a way to get rid of such trash. But do not fret; contact us today, and we will come out, estimate your removal project, and remove all junk from your property the same day.

we remove heavy yard junk items

These are just a few examples of how Orange Crew junk haulers can help you reclaim your backyard. But it doesn't have to be a backyard; we help commercial customers eliminate landscaping junk from their business premises. Orange Crew works with landscaping companies, property managers, realtors, residential builders, and others needing landscaping junk removal or yard cleanup.

Reliable Yard Junk Removal Company

Get Your Backyard In Shape Today?

Schedule your yard waste cleanup with one click from this website, or call us and speak to our friendly representatives. Want to receive an instant price quote for your yard waste removal? No problem; simply text us pictures of the debris at (224) 386-4836, and we will contact you with the estimate.

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