junk removal companies

Signs of a High-Quality Junk Removal Service Provider

Are you ready to hire a junk removal company to haul away your garbage and other unwanted items? If so, it’s important to select a trusted, reputable company. Following are some signs of a high-quality junk removal service provider.

Experienced, Licensed, and Insured

Reputable junk removal companies are fully licensed and insured with a properly trained and experienced crew. They know how to handle and dispose of unwanted items safely and efficiently while delivering friendly and professional customer service.


One to Many

A good junk hauling company is willing and able to remove a single item or an entire estate. They have the vehicles, staff, equipment, experience, and tools required for any size job. The company will view no job is too big or too small. Moreover, the company will not refuse to take any junk (this excludes hazardous items). In general, a highly reputable junk-removing company will haul away anything regardless of weight, size, shape, or location.


Recycle, Donation and Disposal

A highly qualified junk removal company possesses the network, knowledge, and equipment necessary to sort and process recycling, donation, and disposal items. You can rest assure that useful junk will not go to waste and may truly become someone else’s treasure.

Straightforward Pricing

It is sometimes possible to provide an online or phone price quote for removing a single item. However, a firm junk removal price can usually only be provided after the junk removal company is onsite. At that time, they will provide a firm, easy-to-understand price based on the amount, type, and location of junk to be removed, along with the time involved. The company will begin the work once all parties agree to the terms.


100% Satisfaction Guarantee

This is a big one. A highly qualified junk removal service provider will offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you aren’t satisfied, these stellar companies will either make it right or fully refund your money.

Orange Crew sorts, recycle, and donates received junk to create a cleaner environment for you and the planet. Regardless of job size, the company is fully licensed and insured to remove and dispose of residential and commercial junk safely. Serving Chicagoland, call 847-469-9391 to discuss your needs and schedule a pickup.