how to organize your home

How to Organize Your Home: The Ultimate Guide

One in every four Americans spends their entire days indoors, without going outside their homes. The rest spend at least 90% of the time indoors.

That is too much time to spend in a messy and disorganized environment. A messy house can increase your chances of getting asthma, damage your reputation, and cause other adverse effects. 

It’s high time you learn how to organize your home if you don’t like its current appearance. The process may not be easy, but the good thing is that you can seek a third party’s help.

Here are simple DIY practices to have an organized home. Read on to get helpful ideas.

Declutter the Living Room

The living room creates the first impression. It is the first place that your visitors notice whenever they come to your home. 

It is also the place where you spend most of your time when you are at home. As such, you should keep it all clean and neat for not only you but also for children and pets.

Due to its high traffic, the living area might get filled up with many unnecessary things. These things might include toys, clothes, and even kitchen appliances. Unless you declutter, your living room might always look untidy.

So, dispose of the things that you no longer use to make your living room cozier. 

Collect Your Garbage Well

The benefits of proper garbage disposal go beyond keeping your home organized. The right garbage collection and disposal practices promote your health, improve sanitation, stop pest infestation, and keep the environment safe.

But, how do you collect your garbage at home to avoid the messy look? The first step is to buy a dustbin. You can even invest in more than one waste bin if your house is large, and keep them in every corner of the house. 

Also, you should ensure that the bins are clean all through. Dirty bins can attract pests and generate bad odor. You can outsource waste disposal services if you have a busy working schedule and don’t get the time to empty the bins on your own.

Another vital waste management tip is to avoid plastics in your home and recycle some materials. A waste disposal expert should guide you on the best garbage disposal method to promote health and cleanliness in your home.

Use Cabinets in Your Kitchen

The kitchen is another critical room that you should focus on during your cleaning and organization activities. Even if the room is small, you can create more space using cabinets and shelves.

Since they are installed on the walls, kitchen cabinets can create more space in your kitchen while still adding to the house’s curb appeal. If your kitchen cabinets are small or old, find an experienced cabinet maker to help you make the right kitchen storages.

Cabinets come in many materials, which include wood, glass, and plastic. Review the available types of kitchen cabinets to choose the best for your needs. 

You may also consider the stand-alone shelves if you don’t like the idea of cabinets. The shelf should create more space, maintain neatness, and keep your kitchen more organized.

Organize the Bathroom

Like the kitchen, the bathroom can also get cluttered with toothpaste tubes, soap, shampoos, and other personal care items. Even if you don’t have children at home, the bathroom may be cluttered with things if you don’t organize it well.

You can arrange it by buying a bathroom organizer. The organizer can be a box, a shelf, or even a cabinet. It should minimize small items in your bathroom to create more space and make the cleaning process more manageable.

You can buy a linen closet for the towels and tissue holders for the tissues. Also, it would be a good idea to utilize wall space if the bathroom is small.

Keep the Compound Clean

Don’t focus too much on the house and forget about the outside environment. Your compound should be clean to improve the appearance of the entire home.

The first place to pay attention to is the garage. Usually, a garage is meant for car storage. Unfortunately, many people store everything there and turn the garage into a dumpsite. If your garage is disorganized, remove all the things in it to make your compound cleaner.

For instance, you can hang the bicycle, tricycles, and other toys on the walls. You can also create a toolbox for the car repair tools.

Besides the garage, you should keep the other parts of your compound clean. From the gate to the yard to the fence, you should confirm that everything is in excellent condition. Collect the fallen leaves, repair the fence, and, if possible, cultivate the yard.

You may hire a landscaper to help in the yard maintenance if your compound is large and disorganized.

Donate What You Don’t Use

Do you have clothes which you haven’t worn for two years? Do you have kitchen appliances you never use? The chances are high that you may never use half of those things in the future. Maybe they don’t fit anymore, or perhaps, they are out of date.

They will continue to consume space in your storage units if you don’t donate them. During your free time, remove all those things and test them. Retain what you intend to use in the future and donate the rest. 

The same case applies to toys, farming tools, and storage shelves too. If a shelf no longer fits the items, it will increase congestion since you will keep adding more shelves. 

The best home organization idea would be to buy the adjustable/flexible storage equipment or a large closet that can accommodate everything.

Start Practicing How To Organize Your Home Today!

Don’t let your house stay messy again, now that you know how to organize your home. Follow these tips to make your house cleaner, safer, and more appealing. Don’t hesitate to look for assistance whenever you experience problems in organizing a home.

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