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How Much Does it Cost to Haul Away Junk in Chicago Area?

The cost of hauling away junk in the Chicago area varies, depending on the items you are getting rid of as well as the distance. For instance, someone hauling away a boat is likely to pay more than someone getting rid of an old couch or mattress. At Orange Crew Junk, we are a dedicated junk removal company that offers quality services at affordable rates. Keep reading to learn more about how much does it cost to haul away junk in Chicago area?

Residential Junk Removal Services

 Residential junk removal in Chicago consists of attic clean-out, basement clean-out, garage clean-out, appliance removal, mattress removal, estate clean-out, and everything else involving the removal of unwanted items.

  • Attic Clean-Out

 When it comes to local junk removal, it is important to work with a company that treats your attic with the utmost respect. That is because the attic is just as important as any other room. Therefore, you will want a company that takes great care of it during junk pickup. At Orange Crew, we do not just remove junk from your attic, but also we always come back to clean it up.

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Don’t let your attic accumulate piles of junk.
  • Haul Away Junk From the Garage

 A reputable company must also offer a garage clean-out service. That is because garages are known to harbor lots of junk and clutter. During garage clean out, the company you are working with should be able not only to get rid of the junk but also ensure nothing is damaged.

  • Basement Clean-Out

 Orange Crew also offers basement clean-out services. Here, they remove unwanted items and properly dispose of them. Another good reason to work with Orange Crew is that they recycle or donate old items if necessary.

  • Mattress Removal

 This is another important residential junk removal service, especially considering how tedious it can be to dispose of a mattress. You see, most municipalities will not allow you to carry out a mattress removal together with other trash. It is at this point, Orange Crew Junk Removal Company comes in handy. It offers a hassle-free and eco-friendly way to get rid of your mattress.

  • Appliance Removal

 Appliances wear out over time; hence, you will have to replace them at some point. However, hauling an appliance to the curb is never an option since most trash companies do not pick them up. Another reason for it is that appliances tend to be cumbersome to lift and manage.

 Add this to the fact that some appliances contain dangerous chemicals, and you will quickly see why you should contact a company like Orange Crew Junk. At Orange Crew, we get rid of old appliances and dispose of them safely. Ideally, if the appliance is in good working condition, then we donate it.

  • Estate Clean-Out

 A good number of companies do not provide estate clean-outs. But that is not the case here at Orange Crew. We pride ourselves on operating with trust, integrity, and respect. These values we carry over into the services we provide the residents of Illinois. One of these services is cleaning out the estate, especially after a tragic loss.

  • Business Junk Removal Services

 Orange Crew is a dedicated junk removal company that also offers business junk removal services in Chicago, IL, and the nearby areas. One of the services under business is a warehouse clean-out. Now, cleaning a warehouse is not easy since you have to deal with lifting heavy items. That is why you need a professional company like Orange Crew.

 You can also rely on us when it comes to upgrading the furniture of your business or want to create some space in your office. We remove filing cabinets, desks, and cubicles, among others, to make your life as convenient as possible. And, in case you want to know what we do with these old items, well, we usually donate them.

 We also come into play when your local trash company, for some reason, cannot get rid of the excess trash or garbage around your business or home. Plus, we remove construction debris to help keep a job site organized and safe. Another service we offer under business junk removal is cleaning out foreclosed properties.

 How to Find a Good Junk Removal Service

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 If you search the term “junk removal near me,” the companies that appear in the results are often reputable and offer unparalleled junk removal services. But what makes these companies reputable? Well, keep reading to find out.

  • Licensing & Insurance

 Working with a licensed as well as insured junk removal company should not be overlooked. A fully licensed company is professional and always meets expectations. It is also important to work with an insured company because such companies are able to compensate for any loss in case damage occurs during a removal service.

  • Eco-Friendliness

 Quality junk removal services should leave both man and the environment happy. Therefore, in addition to a junk removal company loading, cleaning up, and dumping unwanted junk, it should recycle the junk without harming the environment. Recycling provides an effective way to manage waste. As such, a good junk removal service must incorporate it.

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  • Reliability

  Most reputable junk removal companies offer both business and residential junk removal services. A junk removal service cannot be good if an unreliable company offers it. It is, therefore, important to check if the company behind the service is reliable. Reliability, in this case, means the service provider is having your junk removed within a day or two.

  • Equipment

 Another way to find a good junk removal service is to ensure the equipment the company uses is advanced. Advanced equipment makes junk removal in Chicago a no-brainer. It allows the company to work faster while offering a service that is second to none.

  • Customer Support

 A company with reliable customer support will undoubtedly provide you with an outstanding junk removal service. So, the next time you get junk and are looking for someone to take care of it, start by checking out their customer service to ensure it is reliable. Ideally, a good company should provide more than one way to contact them.

  • Affordability

 You cannot talk about how good a junk removal service in Chicago is without mentioning the cost. At Orange Crew Junk, our services are of good quality and will not break the bank. Contrary to what the majority believe, a low-priced service is not cheap.

 It is crucial that you conduct in-depth research if you want to find a good junk removal service. This will spare you lots of inconveniences, not to mention help you save a lot of time and even money.

 The Cost to Haul Away Junk in the Chicago Area

 Junk removal costs in Chicago, IL, range from $87 to $289, according to 5estimates.com. In this section, we are going to talk about how much it will cost you to remove such items as appliances, cars, furniture, and yard debris, among others.

 Depending on the type of junk you want to get rid of, the cost can sometimes shoot up to $600. Junk removal contractors determine how much you are supposed to pay based on a fraction of a truckload. Typically, they charge a minimum truckload, which goes up to a full truckload. After that, the price for the next truck starts over, provided they are not separate orders.

 Junking a boat or car is definitely different from junking a dishwasher, couch, or other home appliances. That being said, some companies have specialized in helping their clients junk cars and boats, whereas others provide all services, meaning they junk everything.

 Junking a boat in Chicago will cost you somewhere between $200 and $500 per foot. You should note that the size of the boat, as well as the distance, greatly affect this price range. For instance, a smaller boat, which can be delivered on a trailer, can cost around $50 per foot.

 The cost of junking a car in Chicago, IL, varies too. Though you will pay the company a small fee to take your vehicle to the junkyard, the junkyard will likely pay you around $50 to $1000, depending on many factors. These include, but are not limited to, rust spots, the car’s age, mileage, model, and make.

 What’s more, if you want to get rid of junk appliances and furniture that take up space in your home, then you will part with the following amounts:

 • Couch: $70 – $160

 • Mattress: $75 – $100

 • Freezer/refrigerator: $50 – $150

 • Dryer and washer: $70 – $200

 How Chicago Junk Removal Companies Work

 Working with a junk removal company in Chicago is highly recommended. Plus, it is more straightforward than anticipated. Once you have chosen the right company, all you need to do is make an appointment and then get a quote. After that, the company will send its team to your residence. Before issuing the final price, the team will see the items you plan to remove. They can choose to pick the junk that same day or the day that follows.

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 The first step to finding the right junk removal company is to search the terms “trash service near me.” At Orange Crew Junk, we are regarded as one of the best in Chicago and nearby areas. We provide lots of services to the residents of Illinois. What’s even better, our services are always within the budget. Call today to learn more about us.