Steps for A Basement Cleanout

Over time basements often became storage centers with overwhelming, accumulated clutter. Taking time to clean out your basement means reclaiming valuable space. Moreover, studies have shown that decluttering spaces has a positive effect, leading to reduced stress and elevated focus.

Take Before Photos
Taking before and after photos is a great way to visually appreciate the results of your basement cleanout efforts. Simple Take several before photos, capturing all rooms, including nooks and crannies.

Get Motivated: Write Down Your Purpose and Goals
Why do you want to clean out your basement? Are you moving? Do you seek to use the space in a different way? Are you simply tired of all the clutter? Taking time to write down your purpose and goals for cleaning out your basement will help you stay focused and motivated. Need more motivation? Watch the popular Netflix series “Tidying Up”.

Develop a Plan and Schedule
Take some time to write a “to-do” list and establish a work schedule. Also, if you want to recruit some friends and family to assist, make note of that as well. While a plan will help, it is important to not get discouraged if the clean-out process takes longer than expected. Whenever needed, simply revise your plan and schedule.

Mental Preparation
When it comes to a basement cleanout, the primary goal is to remove all junk, clutter and debris. Many have the best of intentions but will inevitable struggle of letting go of stuff. This is sometimes referred to as decluttering paralysis. There are many reasons why it can be difficult to let go. For instance, it’s easy to think that someday you want or need the item- even if you haven’t seen or used it in years. It will be well worthwhile to do some online research into various techniques that will help you to break-up with your stuff.

Declutter, Declutter, Declutter Your Basment
Decluttering is central to the entire process. Before you can begin to organize your basement, you will need to declutter. This involves getting rid of anything and everything that you do not want or use. This will involve going through every box, shelf, drawer and more. Depending upon the amount of stuff in your basement, this process can take considerable time. But, in the end, it will be worth it!

Sort- Keep, Toss, Recycle, and Donate
As you begin the decluttering process, establish four piles- keep, toss, recycle, donate and give-away. It is also recommended that you go through the “keep” pile a few times on different days. The goal is to get rid of as much stuff as possible. With the extra time this may get easier.

Hire a Reputable Junk Removal Company
Hiring a reputable junk removal company such as Orange Crew will save you substantial time and effort. They will also make sure your items are properly disposed, recycled and donated. Moreover, if you have heavy items, it’s simply safer to hire professionals to ensure no one suffers any physical injuries.

Additional Tip: Depending upon how much stuff needs to be removed, you may want to schedule multiple hauls to free up room.

Deep Cleaning
It is difficult to clean a cluttered space. Once you have removed all unnecessary items and junk, it is time to roll up your sleeves in delve into deep cleaning. This includes dusting, washing windows, cleaning light fixtures, scrubbing walls, carpet cleaning, wipe baseboards and so on.

Now that your basement has been decluttered and cleaned it’s time to get organized. Organizing experts recommend organizing items based on categories and zones, such as home office, entertainment space, storage area and so on. You may also want to invest in clear storage containers, which will make it easier to find items when needed.

Take After Photos
Once you have finished organizing your basement, it’s time for the “after” photos. Now take some time to compare your before and after photos, enjoying the fruits of your labor. You may even want to share the amazing outcome with friends and family.

Enjoy the amazing, stress-free feeling you experience whenever you enter your clean, organized basement!

Orange Crew sorts, recycles and donates received junk to create a cleaner environment for you and the planet. Regardless of job size, the company is fully licensed and insured to safely remove and environmentally dispose of residential and commercial junk. Serving Chicagoland, call 847-469-9391 to discuss your needs and schedule a pickup.


Why Hire a Junk Removal Company?

Over time, homeowners and business accumulate stuff that is never or rarely used. For some, the idea of gathering and hauling away these items is overwhelming. Fortunately, there are reputable junk removal companies, such as Orange Crew, that can make the process extremely easy. Moreover, they will professionally and properly remove, sort, recycle and dispose of your no-longer-needed items. Here are some other reasons why savvy individuals hire a junk removal company.

Enjoy More Space
Removing unwanted items frees up space. Regardless if it’s a drawer, basement, closet, garage, yard or attic, hauling out junk means reclaiming valuable space. This will not only feel great, it will also allow for new possibilities, while making the most out of your home or business environment.

Safety First
DIY junk removal comes with safety risks. Often it involves lifting, carrying and hoisting heavy, bulky items into and out of trucks. Without proper equipment, strength, and technique DIY junk removers may suffer from a pulled muscle, wrenched back or other injury. These injuries may require a long recovery period or expensive medical attention. Moreover, it may even lead to an unpleasant lawsuit from injured volunteers. Hiring professionals is the safest way to remove your junk.

Positive Benefits
Consciously and unconsciously, cluttered spaces and environments negatively impacts the mind and energy levels. This has been scientifically proven. A clean and decluttered environment leads to increased concentration, focus, productivity, and creativity. It can also improve mood, sleep and relationships, while supporting healthy habits. Consequently, liberating your environment from junk leads to numerous positive outcomes.

Get it Done
Many homeowners and business live with unwanted junk with the perpetual intention of, someday, hauling it away. Yet, it can be difficult to find the time or desire to do it. Instead, it ends up being a constant reminder of an uncompleted task. Hiring a professional junk removal company means taking positive action to get it done with no more delay.

Save Time
Proper junk removal requires more than tossing stuff in a truck. It also involves following disposal regulations, managing recycle opportunities and donating items as warranted. Just imagining the time and effort you will save by avoiding the need to sort, recycle, donate and properly dispose of your unwanted items.

Proper Disposal
It can be challenging to get rid of stuff, even if it’s no longer needed or wanted. Some feel guilty for throwing away an item that is still useful. Reputable junk removal companies, such as Orange Crew in Chicago, will sort, donate and recycle removed junk after they leave the job site. Consequently, homeowners and business can rest assured that their unwanted stuff will not carelessly be tossed away.

Enjoy Convenience
It takes time to plan, load, haul and dispose of unnecessary household and business items. Also, it may require borrowing or renting a truck and recruiting friends and family to help with the heavy lifting. Homeowners and businesses that hire professionals enjoy the convenience of an experienced team that will do the job correctly, quickly and efficiently.

Orange Crew sorts, recycles and donates received junk to create a cleaner environment for you and the planet. Regardless of job size, the company is fully licensed and insured to safely remove and environmentally dispose of residential and commercial junk. Serving Chicagoland, call 847-469-9391 to discuss your needs and schedule a pickup.